The herpes simplex virus can stay in the body for quite a protracted period without showing any visible signs. But there are some factors or conditions that awaken the virus leading to an outbreak. The factors that put you at risks of contacting another herpes outbreak are termed as triggers

Triggers vary from person to person. However, there are general collections of conditions that provide the ideal environment for an attack.  That’s why some individuals suffer frequent attacks by the virus yet others continue their normal lives with limited or no attacks. It is therefore important to study your pattern of life and take note of your triggers.

The risk factors include the following:

  • Overexposure to sunrays

A prolonged exposure to the ultraviolet rays triggers herpes labialis attack.  Thus someone who had been infected by cold sore and subjects himself to daily exposure to the UV rays calls for frequent attacks by the virus. The best solution in such a case is to put on a sunscreen. In addition, protective body cover like headgears can also be used.

Although it has been proven that overexposure to the suns UV rays induces the herpes virus, the scientific explanation is yet to be found.

  • Common cold

A common cold is a viral infection. A fever attack subjects the body to physical stress thus leading to a change in the body temperature. Owing to the mentioned changes, an attack by the viral infection thus triggers a cold sore attack. Thus it gets its name fever blisters.

  • Weak immune system

When the body’s defense system goes down, attacks by the virus become frequent. Several factors can lead to a low immune system for instance HIV infection, frequent chemotherapy or surgery.  Furthermore failing to eat the right kind of food hinders your immunity system from building up and reaching its expected level.

  • Hormonal changes

A change in the hormonal balance for example during the menstrual cycle leads to the appearance of the blisters.

  • Stress

Generally, trauma negatively affects even the nervous system.  It doesn’t matter whether the strain is mental or physical; it produces the same negative effect on the human body. A prolonged period of stress when not handled properly lowers the body’s immunity.  Thus in such a state, an attack is triggered leading to the appearance of the herpes symptoms

  • Sexual intercourse

The repeated penetration during the sexual intercourse leads to the damaging of the skin as a result of frictional force. During the sex act, the mucous membrane present at the vaginal lining gets irritated. Hence such an act increases the possibility of a genital herpes attack. The best alternative of reducing the friction and hence damaging of the mucous membrane is using the water-based lubricants.

Do not attempt to ease the penetration by using oil-based lubricants. Instead of reducing frictional force, it will weaken and eventually make the condom to burst.

  • Lack of enough sleep

The repair and building of the body cells and tissues occur during sleep.  Thus when you consistently miss or get inadequate sleep, it takes a negative toll on your body. Fatigue, reduced mental activity and the body’s ability to fight infections go down. Consequently, that increases the chance of another herpes simplex virus attack.

  • Pregnancy

During delivery, a baby stands the risk of catching the infection from the mother. If the time of the delivery, for instance, coincides with herpes outbreak the risk is even great.


Final advice

The entrance of the herpes virus into the body calls for a change in lifestyle. A balanced diet and exercising are a must. Remember one person trigger may not be your trigger too. It, therefore, calls for a personal examination of your particular risk factors.

Avoiding the risk factors and sticking to herpes treatment will help you live a happy life once more.  Once you have narrowed down your triggers, practice restraint from anything that enhances the possibility of symptoms showing up from time to time

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