To some, a diagnosis of genital herpes equals to a death sentence. Some come over the psychological effect in days, some weeks and even months. Remember once you have tested positive on genital herpes you’ll be a lifetime carrier. Do you want to live in shame for the rest of your life?  Nobody would wish to have the disease, but once you have it you can choose not to be psychologically tortured by the infection. This post is to help you overcome the herpes stigma.

Here are the suggested helpful steps to implement:

1. Accept your status

Once you have confirmed herpes virus by conducting a few tests, the fact will not change. If the tests reveal that you are herpes positive living in denial will not change your health status but rather complicates it. Embracing the truth will give you easy time on focusing on the next positive step to take. Remember genital sex is not a terminal disease but a medical condition that is controllable. Many people are getting on with their usual activities though they have the disease. You can choose to be like them.

 2. Share your feeling with a friend

After accepting your condition, then move ahead and find someone who shares your fate. You can exchange notes on how you feel and how to cope with the infection. However, it should be someone who you can confide in. It may take a while before you get the courage of sharing your condition. It’s perfectly normal.

If you can’t find a nearby friend, then visit a support group. You can also try some online herpes communities which are very helpful.You will meet people with different experiences that will teach you a trick or two on how to live with the disease. Venting out your feelings could be a lot easier through the internet.

3. Understand what the disease entails

When you have the infection, the more you understand about it the fewer things will perplex you. Dig into facts about genital herpes stages and treatment options. That will help you prepare mentally for what lies ahead. For example, you will be better placed then to deal with the frequent outbreaks. That will put you on alert for the genital herpes symptoms and begin suppressive medication early enough.

4. Forgive yourself and your partner who might have passed over the infection to you

Initially, you will be angry at whoever passed over the infection to you.  But to overcome your guilt, you have to forgive yourself and the other party too. Remember carrying on the guilt only hurts you and not him or her. Maybe your partner isn’t aware that she has the disease. Carrying over the resentment will only worsen your case when you need all the angry now than ever.

If necessary you can even jot down the negative feelings you are harboring inside. Finally burn up the paper and forget the negative thoughts.

5. Many people have the disease, it’s a common condition

Statistics indicates that a larger percentage of the US population have the infection. That should comfort you that you aren’t just alone. Once again it gives a solid reason for not blaming yourself or anyone else. It’s just an infection that you can meet in life. That’s all!

6. Never lose hope, stay optimistic

To get the herpes stigma behind you, it all begins in your mind. You’ve got to believe that you can. If all you can project for your future is a total darkness and helplessness, then you will never recover from that mental condition.  Be thankful that you are still alive and don’t picture yourself in the worst case scenario with the disease. Although you can’t completely eradicate the virus from your body, you can cut down on its frequency and duration of attacks.

7. Alter what you have to; otherwise continue with your usual lifestyle

Acquiring herpes virus won’t make every activity in your lifestyle to come to a standstill. Although you will have to make some difficult adjustment like daily medication, your daily activities will almost go on as usual. Have time for your family and friends. Participate in your favorite social activities or club.

8. Get professional help

If you notice that the emotional or social effect of the infection is too heavy to bear then seek professional assistance.  In such a case a counselor or therapists will help considerably.  He will help you overcome your depression, bring up your moods and help you how to realign your thoughts and emotions into focus.



Overcoming the herpes depression begins with accepting your status. After which you have to forgive yourself and others. Staying positively minded will elevate you to greater heights of recovery. Finally, you can get assistance from support groups, counselors, and therapists. But it all begins with believing that you can overcome your situation. Did I say that learning about the infection and what to expect during the outbreaks helps too?