Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease. Any sexual contact, including oral and anal sex, will see the virus pass from one person to another. Herpes is highly contagious more so when the blisters have developed.  It is therefore unwise to enter into a relationship without the two parties getting tested for herpes and other STDs. To prevent passing on the herpes virus, stick to the following ways:

  • No sex during outbreaks

Remember the chances of contracting genital herpes from your sexual partner are at its peak during the herpes outbreak. Consequently, it is important to refrain from any form of sexual activity. That includes anal sex, oral sex, and kissing. During the outbreaks, the herpetic blisters are not only present around the genitals but also on other body parts. Therefore having sex using condoms won’t help at that time.

  • Be choosy on your sexual partner and use protection

The more sexual partners you have the higher the chance of contracting an STD. Sticking to one sexual partner with no STDs history for a longer period reduces your likelihood of catching the disease. To be safe from Herpes infection, refrain from any kind of sexual activity until you secure one tested partner.

  • Be honest about your herpes status

Making a clear statement about your health status on herpes is helpful. That is especially important before starting a new relationship. However uncomfortable it may feel, if you have herpes disclose the information to your prospective partner. Similarly, question him and dig deep to know his STD history. If your new partner had contacted STD before, then it is more likely that he has herpes but doesn’t know about it. On the other hand, your partner may not open up truthfully to you.

Consequently taking blood tests together will be a good step in confirming your herpes status. Since it’s possible for one to have the infection without exhibiting the symptoms, take safety precautions always.

  • Use protection

Since it’s possible to have the herpes virus dormant in you or your partner’s body, using a protection cuts down the chances of spreading the disease considerably.  However, the right type and use of condoms are very important in this case.

For instance, during oral sex, consider protective measures for both the females and males a must. The male should wear a latex condom and the female the dental dam too. Take caution, while removing the condom’s package or unrolling it from your genitals.

  • Clean and protect any sex toy before use

You might find pleasure in sharing sex toys like vibrators to heighten your excitement. Sharing such items puts you at risk of getting or spreading the herpes virus to your sex partner. Cover the sex toy with a protection. In addition, rinse the vibrator with warm water and soap before and after every sexual activity.

  • Be consistent with your medication

Even though there isn’t any cure for herpes, there are ways to manage the symptoms and its severity. One such way is taking the anti-virals. You may be required to take the anti-viral pills daily or during the outbreak only. However, what matters is taking heed to your doctor’s instructions.

  • Keep off touching the sores

The herpes blisters are very itchy. The itchiness heightens at the pre-outbreak stage and crusting stage. Picking or touching the fluid-filled blister risks spreading the infection. When you accidentally touch the sores, clean your hands with warm water and soap immediately.

  • Stay on alert for the telltale signs

Once you have suffered the herpes virus, you should know when an attack is looming.  Staying on the look for the tingling or itchiness of the skin surface will help you take on your medicines or take the safety precautions in time. When you suspect of an oncoming herpes attack, keep off any sexual intimacy.

  • Never have sex when drunk

It is difficult to make sound decisions while intoxicated. Therefore an intoxicated mind will neither choose sexual partners wisely nor carry safe sex. When under illicit drugs, you are prone to making mistakes that may bear the permanent effect on your health for life. Stay safe never have sex when drunk


      Parting advice:

The safest way to stay free from herpes infection is abstaining from sexual intimacy until you have a lifelong monogamous tested partner.  Thereafter you have to stay faithful to each other. One of the best decisions you can ever make is having your partner and you get tested for Herpes infection. As difficult as it could be, take courage and avoid regrets.

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