To most people diagnosed with herpes, their future relationships look shuttered. Securing an emotionally reach relationship seems impossible from then on. But does it have to be so? Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease (STD). But it won’t block you from enjoying great sex unless you give in to the disease.

There are practical herpes dating tips that if you follow will guarantee you intimate moment with your partner. The entrance of herpes will only alter your love life slightly other than bringing it to a standstill. Safe sex will cut down significantly the chances of passing on the herpes infection to your dating partner;

Here are more tips on how to go about safe sex when you have genital herpes:

  1. Stay on alert for the herpes outbreak symptoms

The first step towards achieving safe sex is both parties becoming aware of the genital herpes outbreak symptoms. Consequently educate the non-infected person on the early signs of the herpes infection, including;

  • A tingling feeling around your genitals
  • Red blisters appearing in the genital region
  • Swollen glands plus flu-like symptoms

That will help to help monitor when an outbreak is on the way.

  1. Keep off sexual intimacy during outbreaks and a few days after

Once you are familiar with the genital herpes early symptoms, agree to refrain from sex during the outbreak. Don’t even consider using protection at that time. It won’t shield the entire genital region. Although an infected person can pass on the herpes simplex anytime, chances of spreading the disease is highest during the outbreaks. Usually it may last up to a maximum of two weeks. However the outbreaks may be frequent at the initial stages of contracting the infection.

To minimize the herpes outbreaks, keep a healthy diet that will boost your body immune system.

  1. During outbreaks, try alternative types of sex

At the earliest signs of a coming outbreak stop sexual intercourse. After keeping off the sexual intercourse you can seek satisfaction from alternative types of sex. For instance, you can talk to your partner about using sex toys to achieve satisfaction. But keep off a direct contact on the genital region. Any form of sexually related activities like masturbation could equally be helpful at that time. However do not share the sex toys, as it may transport the virus too.

  1. Make use of suppressive medication

You can pass on the virus to your partner even when there aren’t any visible symptoms of the disease. Shedding of the herpes simplex virus tops the way through which the virus gets transmitted in relationships. To eliminate or reduce shedding of the virus to a higher degree, make use of the suppressive medicines.

The suppressive medication will minimize the genital herpes outbreak frequency. With the flaring up of the virus minimized, you have longer period to enjoy safe sex. Remember the brain is a vital organ in enjoying great sex. Using the suppressive medicine boosts your partner’s confidence in participating in genital to genital intercourse.

  1. Be patient and slow to love

When you have genital herpes and want to enjoy safe sex then you have to learn slow loving. It may take a while to grow strong feelings and honesty to your spouse.  Go on dates, visit places and scenes together. Sign up for dancing classes. Take it slow with your friend other than demanding quick get laid experience.

  1. Keep off from touching the genital area

In addition to refraining from sex when you have the visible symptoms of the disease, do not touch the genital area. Keep off from making any physical contact with the sores. But if you do so accidentally, then use soap and running water to wash the affected part

  1. Between the outbreaks, use protection

Once you have herpes, do not engage in any sexual intercourse without protection. For instance, if you want to get intimate between the outbreaks, use latex condoms or dental dams. Learn the proper use of condoms. Whether you are participating in oral sex or genital sex; use protection to reduce your chances of contracting the infection.

  1. Establish your sex boundaries

Having genital herpes calls for honesty and exercising caution. As such it’s important to have a heart to heart talk with your spouse. During the talk;

  • Open up completely on your sexual expectations
  • Define the rules to use during the outbreaks



Genital herpes, although a small hindrance in your love life, doesn’t mean you are cut off from enjoying relationships. Many people have the disease and are similarly looking for dating partners. However, it calls for some changes in your lifestyle especially the sex life. You have to exercise caution when either you or your dating partner is experiencing an outbreak. But when the outbreak has passed, then use protection and medication.

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