Cold sore or genital infection news is disappointing, but it’s not the end of everything.  Many people are living with herpes. Although breaking the news to others is one of the hardest things to do, it matters how you give out that information.  How and when to pass the report, may make it a hurdle or an insurmountable mountain to your partner.

To successfully pass on the news yet maintain your relationship with others, here are a few tips to help you do so;

  1. First, accept your status

Delivering the herpes news to your family or friends is much easier after accepting your condition. Take some time to come to terms with the disease. You will then have the confidence to talk without creating a mixed feeling or fears about the infection


  1. Gather facts about the infection

Before you even think about how to relay that information, have facts about the viral disease. Know its cause, how it is spread and the available medications. Probably your audience might have several questions that need answers and explanation. Gather facts on how common the infection is and how many people have managed to live with it. Refrain from painting too many negative fears about the illness. Choose your words carefully and avoid using terms like disease or incurable infection.

  1. Don’t make it monologue

After gathering your facts about the herpes virus don’t turn the talk into a one-man show.  Assume it to be a low-pressure talk. Tell your partner how you feel about him and how you treasure the relationship. Ask some questions for instance when he last got tested for STD. Finally, inject into the discussion the main subject

  1. Pick on the right environment

It’s better if you pick on the private and quiet setting for the talk. Don’t just come to your partner’s workplace uninvited to deliver the dreaded news. It will probably go wrong. Choose a relaxed atmosphere, full of privacy and limited distractions. How about delivering the message while walking in a park or enjoying a quiet dinner?

  1. Have your timing right

It’s better to schedule the meeting early in the relationship. Don’t have to wait until your partner invests heavily into the affair. The right time could be on the second or third date.   In addition, it’s wrong to deliver such dreaded news shortly before or after the sexual union.

  1. Talk about the medication and treatment options

After disclosing to your partner that you have the herpes virus, don’t stop there. Doing so may paint the picture of a bleak future. Instead go ahead and inform him or her about the available herpes medication and treatment.  If you have already begun on the suppressive treatment, talk on the benefits to your partner.

In addition, give your audience hope on living with herpes.  Expound to him on the benefits of avoiding the triggers, sticking to medication and practicing safe sex.

  1. Be receptive to any questions raised at you

Your audience perhaps might have questions. If he raises any question, give honest answers. In addition, you can refer him or her to more literature on where to gather additional facts personally.

  1. Give him time to absorb the news

People react differently to the shocking news. Therefore understand and accommodate your partners’ reaction. He could get mad or decide to be extremely quiet. Moreover, it might take time to come to terms such information. It couldn’t be wise to make a resolution about your relationship right then. He probably has much to think about, thus give your partner time to think about his next course of action.


Telling others or your loved one that you have herpes simplex virus isn’t easy. However, it is very important to do so. To make your confession less weighty, take time to understand your condition. Gather the available facts and statistics about the disease. Choose your timing and location right. With a calm attitude and positive tone pass on the news. Having done so, give him time to absorb and make a decision of his life.