Once you have the herpes simplex virus, outbreaks are bound to come. Each episode may differ in severity. That depends on the intensity of the trigger and the antibodies your body had developed over the infection. However, the first herpes outbreak is usually the severest.

The appearance of painful blisters in the face and genital region causes much discomfort and pain.  So high is the temptation to scratch or pick at the blisters.

But you are not utterly helpless over the disease. Without any herpes medication, you are headed for two weeks of torment by the disease. However below are proven ways on how to manage the symptoms during an outbreak:

  • Make use of pain relievers

An outbreak is characterized by the appearance of the painful blisters in the groins and facial area. The blisters and the accompanying headache produce much pain. In the end, the discomfort distracts you from concentrating on other activities. Taking painkillers such as aspirin relieves the pain and discomfort.


  • Cool off the sores

When the outbreak heightens, the irritation and burning sensation of the blisters increase too. Moving from one point to the next becomes very discomforting. To reduce the swelling and ease the pain, use ice packs and cool off the swellings in your genitals.

Alternatively, warm compresses give more relief to some people. Dip your towel in warm water, wring out the excess liquid then place it on the blisters

  • Wear loose-fitting inner wear

An outbreak of herpes symptoms means painful sores in the genital and or mouth region. When the blisters burst, the pain increases especially upon touching. Thus to ease the discomfort keep off tight underwear. Instead wear a loose fitting one, made of natural fiber like cotton. Such a free fitting will aid air circulation.

  • Make sure the lesions are dry and clean always

During outbreaks, your personal hygiene should be at peak. Ensure the wounds are clean and dry. Thus take warm baths about three times a day. Before bathing adding baking powder or Epsom salt to the bathing water whelps to relive the itching. After the bath, dry the wounds with a clean cloth or use a blow dryer.

  • Urinate in a shower

When you have sores in the genital region when urine drops on the open sores it causes intense pain. To reduce the urine concentration and thus relieve the burning effect; urinate in the shower or in a cool water bath.

In addition drink a lot of water and fluids to further water down your urine.

  • Wash your hands frequently

You should refrain from touching the blisters. But during the herpes outbreak, you might accidentally touch the wounds. As such you should wash your hands from time to time, even when you are sure they are clean. Particularly put emphasis on the area under your nails.

  • Avoid sharing items or engaging in sex

Do not share your clothes and towels with anyone. Doing so will spread the virus to others too. In addition refrain from sexual intercourse until you recover from the outbreak. For cold sore infection do not share even your drinking glasses or plates with other people.

  • Cut down on stress

An outbreak comes along with a good dose of stress already.  But pressure and anxiety fuels the herpes symptoms. Consequently do not let the worries on the outbreak wear you down.  Instead, resolve any pressure at work, home or in your relationship. In addition eat a healthy diet and exercise too.

  • Take a break from perfumed soaps or deodorants

With the blisters still fresh on your body it isn’t wise to continue with your usual body spray or perfumed soap. Such substances will increase the irritation and discomfort on your body.

When you have herpes lesions, you should cut down on the activities that could put you in close skin contact with others. Try using over the counter pain relievers and keeping the lesion clean.  But if the outbreaks become frequent consult your doctor for herpes treatment.