Although cold sores and herpes aren’t curable, that doesn’t mean you are utterly helpless about the disease. The best solution is preventing herpes simplex virus infection. But at times you might contact the disease unknowingly. Without any medication, the infection causes severe pain, discomfort and stops you from going about with your daily activities.

In most cases, frequent herpes attack is triggered by poor diet and increased level of stress. Knowing the right types of foods to consume, the worst to keep off, and reducing your stress level will certainly reduce herpes repeated attacks.

Managing herpes through natural methods

The best strategy for coping with genital herpes infection involves eating foods to build up a strong immune system and knowing how to respond to an outbreak. That will put the symptoms at bay, giving you free time to go n with your usual lifestyle.


The Best Foods to Eat

  • Lean protein

Cold sores and herpes lead to painful blisters on the genitals, around the mouth and other skin surfaces. For the fast skin healing from these painful sores, you require the right quality of proteins. Consequently sources like grass-fed beef, pasture reared poultry and wild caught fish are preferred.  Consumption of about five ounces of protein in every meal is sufficient for your body.

  • Foods rich in zinc

In addition to protein, your body needs zinc to repair the skin surface and fight infections. Topical zinc application yield productive results in treating cold sores and herpes symptoms. Thus ensure your meal includes pumpkin seeds, meat from grass-fed animals, spinach and organ meat like liver.

  • Wild reared fish

Wild caught fish has a high content of omega three fats. The omega three foods assist the body to fight inflammation and repair tissues too.

  • Red vegetables and oranges

These foods are rich in vitamin C and other valuable nutrients that help in the faster healing of wounds as well as boosting the body’s immune level.

  • Garlic

Garlic plays dual roles as anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties.  Hence it will help to bring down the pain and the swelling of the blisters. A topical application of garlic helps the wound to dry quickly. Either an application of garlic oil or garlic paste twice a day will produce a positive effect on the wounds and swelling.

  • Lysine-rich foods

Lysine is beneficial in the management of the herpes infection in many ways.  As an amino acid, it assists in the fast healing of wounds and it’s an anti-inflammatory agent. In addition, it also boosts the body immunity and stops the herpes simplex virus from multiplying.

Good sources of lysine include soy milk, cheese, turkey and black beans.

  • Essential oils

The common essential oils used in the management of genital herpes include tea tree, clove, and myrrh.  Tea tree essential oil serves a dual purpose; an antibacterial and antiviral effect. A daily application of these essential oils about 2 drops to the affected area

  • Elderberry herbal tea

Elderberry supports strong body immune system. In addition, it excites the blood cells thereby responding quickly to infections. Thus in fighting cold sores and herpes, it suppresses the multiplication rate of the virus, reduces the swelling and relieves pain. Just mix a teaspoonful of dried and ground elderberry leaf to a cup of safe drinking water. Strain then sweeten with honey before sipping the resulting solution, to strengthen your immune system.


The Foods To Keep Off

There are certain kinds of food that anyone who has herpes virus should keep off from eating. These foods actually weaken the body’s immunity thus worsening the inflammation as well as protracting the healing period;

  • Supplementary sugar

The extra sugar commonly present in fizzy drinks lowers the body’s immune system. Thus giving the herpes virus an easy chance to multiply, and spread all over the body. Additional foods with added sugar that you should avoid include packaged snacks, refined grains, and yogurt.

  • Alcohol

Excess consumption of alcohol and tobacco-related products lower the body’s defense mechanism. Thus, having lowered the body’s immune system even minor headaches and blisters bears a significant effect on the body.

  • Processed foods

A larger percentage of the processed foods consist of the genetically modified substances. These genetically engineered ingredients have a higher rate of triggering allergies and fuelling inflation. At the same time, the packaged foods have very low nutritional content.


Keep in mind

A low immune system paves way for the herpes virus to exercise its power. The best solution, therefore, is to stick to nutrient-rich foods to build up your body and defense mechanism. As a result, fresh farm produce is therefore preferred to packaged foods. Keep off fizzy drinks and alcohol. Finally, maintain a high level of personal hygiene.


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