You have been going on great dates and night outs. The excitements and the thrills of dating are at peak. Then suddenly you realize that you have herpes! What next? Does dating come to an abrupt end, will your partner still accept you, and how do you convey the dreaded message to him or her? Many questions may bombard your mind once you realize that you have genital herpes.

However, it shouldn’t be the beginning of a sad and lonely life.  You can still secure a date and enjoy an emotionally fulfilling relationship, but with caution. It all depends on how you approach the subject and taking step towards getting love. That’s why I would wish to share the following herpes dating tips and pieces of advice.

  • First love yourself

Before you begin the hunt for a soul mate, you have to come to terms with your present condition. Take time to heal and love yourself again. Remember the way you portray yourself is exactly how the public will view you. Go on with your everyday activities. Be happy and maintain a cheerful view of life.

  • Break the news to your partner

As soon as you realize that you have herpes, it’s wise to inform you dating partner about your condition. It’s a courageous step showing concern about your partner. Although it demands courage and you might be uncertain about his or her reaction to the news, it’s the wise thing to do. Herpes is highly contagious and you should take caution in your relationship from that moment. Never the less pick on the right time and be composed before delivering the dreaded news.

Moreover, it gives your dating partner the opportunity to decide whether to continue with the relationship or not.

  • Give him or her time to absorb the news

After breaking the dreaded news, most probably your date may be perplexed. At times it could be difficult to predict the outcome of breaking the news to him. Let your loved one have time to get over the shock. Never force him to make up his mind about the relationship right then. He might burst into anger, deny having the disease or threaten to walk out of the relationship. Let your loved one spend quality time alone.

  • Encourage him to get tested

After breaking the news to your partner and he has come over it, encourage him to get tested for herpes too. It is possible to have herpes virus yet not portray any symptoms.  The result of the diagnosis will define the next move. If you both turn positive, then you can go on dates with less worry except keeping alert for an attack.

  • Don’t rely on myths but have facts about the disease

Once you have genital herpes or even cold sores, then you should have facts about the disease. These facts will help you know how to live with the infection. Particularly, know what causes the infection, how it is spread, signs and symptoms of a developing outbreak and the herpes medication.  In addition, it will also help you to stay calm.

  • Avoid getting intimate during the flares or outbreaks

Refraining from any form of sexual intimacy during outbreaks is the best thing for you and your partner. Learn the tell-tale signs of an outbreak and inform your intimate friend in time. The chances of contracting and spreading the disease are highest during outbreaks.

  • If not in a relationship, break the news before having sex

Even herpes singles deserve to be in a relationship. But once you have found your new partner, it’s better to inform him or her of your condition before sexual intimacy. That is especially important if you are looking for dates outside herpes dating sites. Your health status could be a stumbling block to securing a dating partner but it isn’t insurmountable.

  • If you lose your prospective partner, move on

Not everyone will accept you after disclosing your herpes status. But it’s better not to bond in the first place than bond and break up when she learns that you have herpes simplex virus.  To avoid many breakups and increase your chances of finding a partner of the same condition, seek soul mates from herpes single groups or herpes dating sites.

  • Practice safe sex

Before engaging in sexual intercourse, wear protection. Putting on condoms greatly reduces your chances of contracting genital herpes. Although it won’t protect you entirely from herpes, it significantly minimizes your chances or getting an infection from the genital sores and secretions.

Never let an infection of herpes simplex virus bar you from having great dates.  Accept your condition, love your self and help your soul mate overcome his fears too. But better still, hunt for love from those with similar experiences and condition for example herpes singles. However be careful on when and how to break the dreaded news to your potential date.

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