Once diagnosed with the genital herpes, most people face shame or stigmatization. They get worried about finding love and sex being meaningful again. The thought of what the society will think of them of them clouds their mind.

Eventually, such a line of thinking leads to low self-esteem, hating yourself and feeling of having wasted yourself. What you need to know is that the infection is manageable and it’s not the end of the world.

Read our suggestions on how to overcome the herpes stigma. Here are reasons you shouldn’t be ashamed of having herpes or talking about it:


  1. It’s widespread

There’re many who have diabetes than even herpes. Others have contracted the diseases yet are unaware. Therefore there are many people who are faced to deal with the infection like you do. But despite the rampancy of the disease, many individuals tend to be secretive about genital herpes. That leads to clouded thinking and the shame associated with the herpes disease.

Although it’s common, it’s not a life-threatening illness. In fact, if you dig deeper and learn about the disease, you live with the disease for the rest of your life. So why should it bring you shame?


  1. It doesn’t automatically mean you were sexually promiscuous

You can get the virus in many ways apart from virginal sex.  It’s only the perception of the public that has created such an image that getting herpes is the reword of a sexual promiscuity. Remember there are two types of herpes simplex virus. And either type one or two can cause genital herpes. Even babies can get infected during childbirth. Any physical contact with the sores puts you at risk of contracting the disease. Thus it doesn’t automatically imply that having the genital infection is a sure sign of a having lived a sexually promiscuous lifestyle.


  1. Despite having herpes, your love life doesn’t come to an end

Most individuals find it hard to believe they can find love when they are herpes positive

Thus even when they have an interest in the opposite sex, their health status keeps them from confessing their thoughts. Still, others find it hard to believe whenever someone shows affection in them despite being herpes positive.

Many people have the disease and moreover, it isn’t life-threatening. So if you have your feelings on someone go ahead and confess it. Just open up and confess that you have the infection, maybe she has it too or doesn’t consider it a barrier to your relationship. Sure you will still find love in your hunt. How about starting the hunt from herpes dating sites?


  1. You can still protect your spouse from contracting the disease

Most couples are embarrassed to talk about sex. But it doesn’t have to be so especially when you are herpes positive. Opening up on your sexual history is vital to keeping your partner free from the infection.

Reassure your partner before the sexual act that you care about her health. Make it clear that you are committed to doing all that you can to guarantee their safety from the getting infected too.

After the reassurance, then go ahead and use protection like condoms or dental dams.  Using protection will significantly reduce the chances of her contracting the infection

To further check down on spreading the herpes virus, use daily medication to suppress the virus. Such an act will assure your partner that you care about him or her.


  1. You can protect yourself too

One of the main reasons people are ashamed of the herpes virus is not the pain but the symptoms. It’s very had to hide. Fortunately, there are proven ways on how to deal with the visual signs. You don’t have to watch helplessly as the herpes infection flare up; go for episodic treatment.  It will reduce the outbreak period and also lessen the symptoms. For those experiencing frequent outbreaks, the daily medication is the best option. It gives you and your partner the peace.


  1. Many have come up, shared their stories and found healing… you can too

Having herpes only feels like a taboo or curse just because people don’t talk about it openly.  Many people are suffering or have learned to cope with the disease yet remain silent. Few individuals have come up formed herpes singles or dating sites and found relief. So why should you relinquish to shame and loneliness?


  1. You can use it as a springboard for greater emotional strength.

Even if it’s your first mistake that landed you the herpes virus, you can grow out of it. You don’t have to live in your mistake. But if you learn from it, and use it as a springboard, it can propel you to greater heights of emotional maturity. Moreover, that can help someone around you stay positive too.


  1. Giving up to shame and loneliness will lonely worsen the case

Although you can’t change the fact that you are herpes positive, you can choose to suppress it and lessen its trauma. Giving up to shame invites stress, which will only call for more outbreaks. Accepting your condition and reaching out for help will give you a happy face again.

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