Cold sores and herpes are incurable. However, contacting genital herpes shouldn’t be equated to a death sentence. There are proven methods and ways on how to fight, manage and live with the disease. It all sums down to accepting your status, understanding the herpes infection, and changing your lifestyle.

Here are 11 steps on how to live with genital herpes:

  1. Overcome your fears by getting tested

When you have symptoms that suggest that you have genital herpes, then it’s important to take the bold step and get tested. It’s only through testing that you will confirm your fears and rule out other infections like canker sores.  Either a blood sample or fluid from the blister can be used to expose the herpes simplex virus.

  1. Accept your diagnosis

In most societies when one is diagnosed with an STD like genital herpes, the resulting social impacts that fall on the victim is even greater than the physical pain. Even without digging deeper into facts, a prejudgment is passed on that person.  As a result, the victims tend to live in isolation and humiliation. Forget about the society’s reaction.

Take your time and come into terms with your status. Absorb the facts and learn to move on. It will be a matter of time before things fall into place again.

  1. Instead of living in isolation, exercise and relax often

Don’t let the diagnosis weigh you down.  Remember the more you are stressed, the more you are flaring up the infection into vicious attacks. Identify the activities that bring up your moods. Is it yoga lessons, watching movies or just taking an evening stroll?  Ease the tension through an enjoyable exercise.

  1. Soothe your genital sores with a warm bath

At times the sores, for example during the fresh outbreak are very itchy and discomforting. Sure you will find the sores unbearable. That’s why you need a warm bath to provide you with the much needed relief and cleaning of the genital sores.  About three times a day is enough.

  1. Do not consume sweetening sugars

Artificial sweeteners are usually present in processed foods and packaged snacks. These sweetening sugars add little nutritional value yet slowing down the genital sores healing rate.

  1. Wear loose-fitting cotton inner clothing

For the faster healing of the genital sores, they must breathe the fresh air. Consequently a genital herpes victim has to choose underwear that allows the air to penetrate up to the genital region. For instance a cotton innerwear is preferred to nylon material since cotton is breathable

  1. Use two towels

When undergoing the period of herpes outbreak, it is wise to own two towels. The first towel exclusively for drying the genital region, and the second one, cleaning the rest of the body; never mix them.  After every use, wash the two towels thoroughly.

  1. Use a blow dry after taking a bath

Despite the presence of the herpetic sores, you must never compromise on the personal hygiene.  Therefore after taking a shower, a blow dry becomes useful; it enables you to blow dry your genital region. Moreover the air will provide the soothing effect to the sores. But first you have to set the blow dryer to the safe cool temperature.

  1. Refrain from using ointments

As said earlier on, even the genital sores demand air for the fast healing. Thus applying a petroleum jelly will block air from reaching the genital sores. For example did you know that the cortisone cream reduces your immunity system while at the same time providing a perfect environment for the virus to multiply?

  1. Make sue of the anti-viral drugs

Apart from the protective measures, visit your doctor and let him put you on the right on antiviral medication to stick to. For instance, Valtrex and Zovirax when taking at the initial stages shorten the period of attack. On the other hand when taken on a daily basis, it subdues the outbreaks.

At the same time make use of home remedies for relieving the pain and itchiness of the sores.

  1. Know the healthy foods to eat

One way to fight the herpes simplex virus is to eat healthy meals. Instead of buying processed foods go for whole grains, vegetable and beans. Cut down on your red meat intake but major on skinless white meat like fish and poultry.

With the right mindset, change of lifestyle and antiviral drugs you can live a happy life despite the herpes simplex infection.


The above 11 provide practical tips for fighting the infection. Above all cut down on your worries and have the healthy diet. Your herpes outbreaks will then be less frequent.

When you have a stubborn genital herpes that worries and appear frequently, consult your doctor for the suppression medicines.